Monday, February 19, 2007

♪ Suddenly I see ♪

Suddenly I see (Suddenly I see)
This is what I wanna be
Suddenly I see (Suddenly I see)
Why the hell it means so much to me

I feel like walking the world
Like walking the world...

KT Tunstall couldn't have explained how I felt any better. Osione had just sent me the 1st draft of the magazine *sigh* It was perfect! waaay beyond my expectation. I was quite amazed because he didn't even ask me any questions or request my presence, yet he had given me what I wanted and I had no clue!!...It felt so great! I felt like I could conquer {walk} the world now!! My imagination/dream, a year later {YES, a WHOLE year!!} had now come to past. Definately a turned new leaf.
Check out the video below {I love it!}

As a well cultured girl, of course I got to my knees and thanked God for EVERYTHING {still do}.The fights, the sickness, the PATIENCE, the disappointments, the doubts, my doubters, my FRIENDS {Gosh - who you would meet soon, YaY!}, my believers and supporters who have all been a major part in how I live my life today - to just be a good ambassador of the human species, and allow God to use me through my desires {LoL, I've gone preacher on you}.

It's just been a lovely journey ever since, the wonderful HUMBLE {omg} people I've come across that just make me look at life in a whole different way. Now, I, Dammie Amolegbe the EDITOR {editrix - lol} welcome you into the next chapter of this life, my influences and inspirations...

Quote of the week; God's gift to you is your life, What you choose to do with it is your gift to God! - Oprah

Monday, February 12, 2007

It's just me and the dazzler in the mirror

ALAS!!! A conclusion was reached, that would of course be of mutual benefit; The article being published in exchange of her modeling in an editorial feature in HauTe.

This wasn't actually a problem, she's quite the "hottie" 6ft and everything! Also, her "connections" should do well for the magazine and even make work easier for me *mysterious grin*, as she volunteered to set up the whole shoot and have her photographer friend {who has shot like every ANTM model you can think of} do us the honour ...set up this pretty studio, makeup artist, stylist, EVERYTHING!! all I had to do was, hook her up with the designers. Weeeeeee, excited me - could have been 1st professional shoot i'd be directly involved with *sigh*. Everything went jolly for like 3days!!...I mean she called me E - VERY - DAY. I know it's not her business, but i'm not really a "talking" person....BUT hey, I did love this ladys persona. She was fun and cool to talk to, no denying. It just seemed like our conversations started becoming repetitive - talking about the shoot and what needed to be done and all that, not only on the phone, but in emails too {she writes LOOOOOONG emails...Okay, maybe I'm not much of a reader too, have I confessed? LoL}


Finally, everything was in place, everyone involved with the shoot knew the roles they were playing, and i'm sure were certain of the deadlines. The designers only had to make 6 - 8 pieces, and had a week to let us know what the colours and styles would be. Lady Unique, seriously commited to the cause had to URGENTLY {I'm guessing} let the stylist know what colours the designers were looking at, to co-ordinate with the ensemble. ERRR, One thing - Designers were not available {They already knew their deadline, and were nowhere near missing it, only that, they didn't want their creative juices interrupted} I Understood, and just left MSGes for them to get to me as soon as they could, leaving me to deal with Ms. Unique *sigh*

Thursday and Friday came, and I told Lady Unique what was going on and as soon as I hear from them I'll let her know what their colour picks are. I was sure they'd get intouch at least after the holiday {Labor day weekend}, Yet she kept calling and emailing, this time I had run out of things to say, and decided I did not need to talk to her, until atleast something came up, Good or bad!


The designers finally called!!!! Telling me Lady Unique had been calling, and leaving threats about cancelling the shoot because I was not picking up or replying her emails {This was the darn weekend, PEOPLE!!}. Relieved to hear from the designers, I told them to just give her a call and let her know what the colours they picked were, so she could immediately contact the stylist! Silly me, I told them to give her a MSG {Obviously i'm not much of a liar} to tell her that neither my phone or internet is working {LIE, well half lie - my internet wasn't working}, but they were able to get intouch with me through a mutual friend and I will get intouch with her as soon as I could {I just thought it was courteous, and will calm her down to know everything is fine, we were still VERY MUCH on schedule!! no need for the pan!cs}...OHHH did I regret that!!!!...Next thing I go out and check my email....and it's this LOOONGGG email of how unprofessional am being, talking about my internet is not working, but I was able to comment on a certain blog, YES U READ RIGHT, she was keeping tabs on me on the internet!!!.....that I did not only comment on the blog, once but TWICE.....Haaaaa, I first of all thought WTHH....AHHHHHHHHHHHH, then I got a bit worried, Like why is she being impatient!!! {I guess she was just upset I tried to play with her intelligence, but then again maybe if she had relaxed till mondayy, anyhoo} I refused to reply such an email, not just for the fact that I was speechless, but who replies that kind of ranting email? {LoL}

I wake up the next morning and it's ANOTHER email {LONGGGG}, WARNING ME that If I don't get intouch with whatever by Tuesday {which was the day I intended to get intouch - holiday was over} she'll cancel the shoot. Then, I realised I must have given her the impression that this was a life or death matter for me, and she must have really thought so, because HRS later, she wrote an email CC'in the designers insulting my life and looking for every possible way for them to think I was a fraud {I'd love to share emails - but feel free to walk in my office, they are now posted on the wall as my inspiration}.

Fortunately, the designers found her just as irrational, and we agreed to postpone the shoot and have her not be involved in anyway. I couldn't have been more devastated, this was definately a 1st for me, coming across such a character, I was quite drastic too, I changed my phone #, LoL If I could change my email I would have, went into shock for a bit, and realised that I better becareful and know that the sanest person I could ever trust the dazzler in the mirror!

Monday, February 5, 2007

"Oh honey, you've got a long way to look up to"

...The aforestated {title}, which actually ended with "I'm a good 6FT+" is a favorite quote of mine by Unique - the lady that called me that precious night, you know the night Osione dumped me?

Now, freshly dumped. I begin to take solace in my honey chicken wings with fried rice while watching America's Next Top Model {ANTM}, my phone rings, on the other end is this lovely bubbly voice calling me about HauTe Magazine. I am stunned, the magazine wasn't even "published", yet there was a buzz enough for this lady to holla @ me. Oh she knew her shit and knew where on the website you'd be able to get me directly, and OH did she know people!! any name you can mention in the "nigerian fashion scene", there and abroad...she was somewhat acquainted or friends with them, THAT got me really excited.She got into telling me what she's about and asking me all these technical questions about distributions and where we plan on going in the future *sigh*, blown by her level of experience, and, or activities, I had an epiphany ☃ {Light bulb moment} the words 'Editor - at - large creeped up my mind, and I did offer!, LoL...she nicely declined the offer for that moment {it was a bit too forward of me, and early - THIS I HAVE LEARNED!!!} with that title to offer in my mind, I answered things I could have simply replied "I can't disclose right now" {Yeah, in this business you kinda learn how to be any business I think, don't just go B-L-A-B-B-I-N-G, as I later learned and THE GREAT Robert Green pointed in Law 4 of what is today the bitchy - ness of all books, DAMN, that's a shady book, I love it!} - "Always Say Less than Necessary - When you are trying to impress people with words, the more you say, the more common you appear, and the less in control. Even if you are saying something banal, it will seem original if you make it vague, open-ended, and sphinxlike. Powerful people impress and intimidate by saying less. The more you say, the more likely you are to say something foolish" INDEED. Unfortunately, I had not read this book before I told Ms Unique about HauTe's plan with Barnes and Noble, that she used to fire my ass when things just didn't go so....err her way!

Haaaaaa, what a beautiful morning the next day turned out to be, after waking up from so much praises the night before, I called Osione to ask who his dealer was and what cheap shit they must have put him on, THAT didn't work...I resulted to begging, and communicating and apologising for being such a B and disregarding his feelings in anyway I must have, but he had to realise I had too much pressure, and every little thing just ticked me off!!, with my charming charisma we were able to solve the issue and we've lived happily ever after!!...Although he keeps having visions about me screwing him over as Miranda did Nigel in the Devil wears prada. {Only time will tell, Only time...Besides I don't even think she screwed him over, was he not happy with the position he was at already?...Y r ppl so greedy, EH?...LoL, what did you expect her to do? Let him go? they are a good team!!, just like me and Osi}. Anyhoo, the day went, caught up on all what we had missed, and later that evening I received a phone call, from my dearest Unique { I really do love this woman - she's very funny, and smart, but damn she freaked me out at the end, you will see} ... This time she was willing to be a part of the mag, not as a team member, but have her article published for TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS! {$2000.00}...LoL, If you have read my previous posts, you will see that I believe money is not the solution to everything, and where money is the 1st issue....there will always be a problem!!!. I nipped that straight in the bud and we came to a better conclusion or...WAS IT?