Monday, March 5, 2007

I ♥ NY; My most random day in the city: FABULOUS!!

It started when my aunty stopped by and decided we should go have breakfast, OF COURSE, I, the party pooper immediately said NO! I did not feel like going....then she started the "DO YOU KNOW WHAT?!...U DO THAT EVERYTIME" to hush her up i decided to go for breakfast!....LITTLE DID I KNOW, it was about to be the most random interesting day of my life.

Okay whenever I don't feel like heading out...I tend to just go out in RAGS...either slacks...or just a billion layers...or DEEP BELIEVER IN ISLAM lookalike that my mother loathesss...LoL

this time it was "his" slacks ;) {Oversize!!}....went down the corner had PANCAKES.....Weeeeeee, FULL and HAPPY I started taking pictures of my beautiful self --->

Next thing, my obviously jobless aunt is like lets go shooting in the city {Okay she's not jobless - an "artist" painter to be exact}...I'm like if I said "NO" now...she'd start blabbing again..and I just had free breakie and was like FINEEEEEE....We get to the city start taking pics of all the billboards on 42nd and broadway - a project she's working on...but other things were just interesting to me, LIKE this couple that were in the middle of broadway taking their pictures..I DECIDED TO STALK!!

THEN.......some guys come up to me with a camera and this cute guy is like you look like you want to be on camera!....where I immediately say ERRR do u see my slacks?!.....they r like come on...we just want you to say this in the camera to Ciara and she'll be on the phone blah blah {How does it feel to have your private life so much in the media} In my mind I was like CIARA? she that popular that ppl now care?...anyhoo, I was like AHHHH, no more "NOs" FIRST INSTINCT - HauTe Magazinee {I HAD NO COPY ON ME :(, I was so painedd, fine I was like I'd just say who I am blah blah - OF COURSE i STARTED with Hii, I'm Dammie, from Nigeria and I'm the editor of Nigeria's foremost fashion magazine you may find out BAM dude says CUT! and is like "okay we know u want to promote ur website and all that....I was like well u said say something PERSONAL!! *hiss*

I head on, trying to lead my aunt to the train station and come across the infamous NAKED COWBOY {WOOHOOOO!!} - I couldn't resist, stopped to take a pic for FREE heheheheheheh when ppl were there paying $1, perphaps he forgot about his pay coz of the sting in his nipple {nope I had nothing to do with that} --->

Welll, my aunty's camera died after thiss....and just as we were approaching the station.....I saww...I sawww...someone who I had actually been exchanging emails with LOLA OGUNNAIKE - NY TIMES - Pop culture writer {In my highschool - Vivian Fowler, we always heard this lady's name during assembly how she was on TV blah blah} So, I was like errr ERR err ERR LOLA!!..and she turned!!! Wooohooo!!...I introduced myself...SHE KNEW ME ALREADYYY she was like heyy ur the magazine editorr blah blah...I was like's so lovely to meet uu blah blahh....and she's like HEYY...Want a tour of the NY TIMES?....and I was like HELLL YEAHHHH...soo she took me to the style section and introduced me to all this key ppl - writer for arts and leisure of the NY times - who got into some sexy gossip about Diana ross and the dreamgirls, how beautiful the movie is...and how she tried to get intouch with Diana so she could write some fashion article about the supremes costumes and she was ignored!! {guyss I was dying - i was wearing freaking slacks!!!}.....then off to a fashion writer who just last night was with Marc Jacobs and errr felt like he was having a one-sided coversation coz Marc was high off some "medications" {It's freaking gossip heaven there!}...and took me to the magazine section MY GAWDD...see VogueSSSSSSSSSS...I was in slacks..but in HEAVEN!!.....It was soo nicee they all asked for my information - silly me....was so bloody excited did not think of making connects...LoL!...Hopefully we all get to work with each other in the future!! *sigh*

Then Lola had to go...U KNOW..i was ready to sleep there....said she really needs to get to workk...she's got a deadline blah blah..that she would have loved for us to go round the city {I was thinking u looking so mega hott...and me in my bloody slackss ARRGGGH}....but asked me for my # and said the key words PARTY and CUTE BOYS!!....Where I also immediately YELLED...I'M SINGLE {can u guys imagine that?...LoL}..Soo, woohoo...NEVER moving away from NY, it's the mostt fabuloous place suchhh randomness can happen!!!....I'm happy for the rest of the yearrrrrrr!!

I couldn't stop thinking at how life is such a beautiful art...and interesting if u just go with the go with whatever...don't be so uptightt, and fixed on doing this doing that...God has made life beautiful and if we live it as we see it..we will appreciate the beauty and happiness we get from that! {Lola was mighty humble and down to earth as welll}

P.S; All this happened within 3HRS!!

XxOff to do some E - Ass KissingxX --->

I love New Yorkkkkk, and my lucky slacks!

***I cheated, I pulled this from my past posts. I have been quite occupied these past weekends, and haven't been able to write, hopefully should be free next weekend!! In the meantime enjoy!! I was tired of seeing the last post as well!!